Cotton fields in sunny cloudy field Coahoma County, MS
Cotton fields in Coahoma County, MS

Welcome to Soul Country

Podcast Blends OLD School R&B & Americana & Play-in interviews

DJ/Filmmaker Ric Stewart takes his radio show Soul Country ’s wham jam of Americana and R&B into depth with top career musicians including songwriters, hall of famers, sidemen and producers. Plugging into old blues and westerns for inspiration and sounds, Soul Country sired the “Shout ‘n Whinny.”

Playlists of tracks discussed in the program and new picks accompany each podcast with photo and video exclusives.


Tales from the Crossroads of Americana and R&B

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Catch host Ric Stewart in the Blues Center Interview Seriesfunded in part by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation at including: John Oates, Bobby Rush, Joe Louis Walker, Peter Case, James Gadson…



Stay tuned for Blues Rock Hits Soul Country (Stewart’s filmed quest to find a worthy successor to classic rock) soon on DittyTV. The doc features exclusive interviews & performances with many music legends.



Latest Episode Tiger Beats, Airdate: 03/01/2022

mckinley james pat sweany playing bass guitar sitting at table with micsPatrick Sweeney and McKinley James of The Tiger Beats join host Ric Stewart for the and  talk blues, country, and keeping it fun in East Nashville. Click here for Episodes.

episode 2 – Bobby Rush: Coming Soon

episode 3 – chris thomas king: Coming Soon